We want to make objects for a home celebrating individuality of the people living in it.
Our vision is make honest long lasting design. Unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully.

In 2010 Bent & Dorthe Povlsen wanted to create a unique company with furniture and interiors for individual homes. With a strong focus on craftsmanship and nature Muubs has created unique products that express authenticity and honesty.
In the creation of a new product, the designs are tested by assessing whether men would like it. This has given the collection a bit more edge and a more masculine twist.

See all interior and home accessory news from Muubs. See all the recent styles in home interior and furnishing, handmade ceramics and decorations in organic shapes. All developed by our Danish and Indonesian design team in close collaboration with the skilled artisans located, among other places, in Denmark and on Bali.

We at Muubs seek to always be a step in front of the latest trends and tendencies while we in our development process always focus on creating objects that has a timeless design. Furthermore, we always create interesting products in materials we love and that will age gracefully and gain a beautiful patina over time. Keep an eye on the exciting news from Muubs and get inspiration to your personal home décor.

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